Healthcare Cost


2019 per Employee*

S & S Health

20% – 30%

Potential Savings

Potential Savings


2019 per Employee*

Are you getting your money’s worth?

We know, you’re discouraged

The high cost of group health insurance is daunting. Prices keep going up year after year, and unlike every other part of your business, you don’t have visibility into the factors driving the ever increasing cost of these benefits.

S&S Health can show you how self-funded benefits ensure quality healthcare that saves you and your employees money, and gives you a clear picture of every unit of care. Simplicity and savings — that’s the S&S Health way.

Lower cost, quality healthcare is here

We offer dependable, simple health solutions that make quality healthcare as affordable as a monthly cable bill.

We give you robust tools that will transform your health experience and reduce costs.

Stress free means stress free

We understand the issues that everyone, especially Human Resources, can face with traditional group insurance health plans. 

With S&S Health, your account, financial and network information is always at your fingertips and never more than a phone call away.


S&S Health makes managing healthcare a breeze. We provide superior end-to-end support that you and your entire team can rely on.

Right Care. Right Price. Right Outcomes

Is your doctor in the plan? We provide access to the best medical care, plus great online tools and apps for employees to manage their care.

Healthcare Costs
Under Control

The financial savings are real. We don’t just shift costs around. We help you cut out the commercial health plan middleman markup.