We believe that S&S Health’s people and culture can make the world a better place.  As a dedicated corporate citizen, our leadership, employees and clients stand firmly committed to programs of
Corporate Social Responsibility.

“The true measure of a company is giving back when there is nothing to gain.”
Howard Buff, CEO, S&S Health

The goal of the Corporate Social Responsibility Program is to provide positive support to non-profit organizations in the surrounding community who share the same Values as S&S Health. We aim to improve the community through everything we do-the solutions we provide, our strong obligation to serve, and the programs and partnerships we build and join.

We create and maintain a strong community presence throughout the states where we live and work. Our employees exemplify our commitment, leading the charge by volunteering hundreds of hours every year to worthy causes that meet the needs of others. We fully support and applaud those efforts. 

Momcology is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to extending the benefits of community by providing reciprocal peer support models for childhood cancer families.

Started as a connecting project in 2011, Momcology was created by moms, for childhood cancer families to fill psychosocial and emotional gaps in the post diagnosis care continuum through organized and responsible peer support.